вторник, 31 июля 2012 г.

IIS7.5 FTP 530 error for Isolated users when Server name is too long

IIS7.5 Causes authorization fail when user tries to authorize as isolated local user when server name is longer than 13 letters.

Looking into logs (default to C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\FTPSVC* ) is explaiable.
I have server called DATACENTER-PROS2 (16 characters long). According to FTP logs 
2012-07-31 14:42:28 DATACENTER-PROS\shopftp 21 PASS *** 530 3 3 
So, IIS7.5 FTP takes only 15 symbols of computer name  ( Letter 2 is missing from logs)
Renaming computer solves the problem.

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